Woensdag 03 augustus 2016

Incidence, risk factors and prevention of running related injuries in long-distance running: a systematic review

Until today, no systematic review exists on the epidemiology, etiology and prevention of running related injuries, in which a distinction is made between each running level. The purpose of this study was to perform a systematic review using three electronic databases.
Overzichtsartikel verschenen in Sport & Geneeskunde, 5, 2010. C. Tonoli, E. Cumps, I. Aerts, E. Verhagen, R. Meeusen. Trefwoorden: epidemiology, etiology, running, injuries, epidemiologie, etiologie, lopen, letsels, running related injuries, running, hardlopen, Achillestendinopathy, Iliotibial Friction Syndrome, ITBS, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, MTSS, achillespeestendinopathie, iliotibialis frictie syndroom,