Maandag 07 september 2015

Electrocardiographic interpretation in athletes: the ‘Seattle Criteria’

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the leading cause of death in athletes during sport. Whether obtained for screening or diagnostic purposes, an ECG increases the ability to detect underlying cardiovascular conditions that may increase the risk for SCD. In most countries, there is a shortage of physician expertise in the interpretation of an athlete’s ECG. A critical need exists for physician education in modern ECG interpretation that distinguishes normal physiological adaptations in athletes from abnormal findings suggestive of pathology.
Artikel, verschenen in Geneeskunde & Sport, 1, 2013. Jonathan A Drezner, Michael John Ackerman et al. Onderdeel van vierdelige reeks, BJSM 2013;47:125–136. Trefwoorden: sudden cardiac death, SCD, ECG, interpretation, athletes, Seattle Criteria, Cardiovascular,